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Novel and Profane

by Wyatt Funderburk

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Michael Hodges
Michael Hodges thumbnail
Michael Hodges 2013 was already a great year for music and then this comes along. It is a stone-cold masterpiece. Just look to "Feeling Good Tonight" for a primer on how to craft a gem, every touch enhances the track. Many tunes here gave me chills. Now, about Second Saturday's "Desperation" CD, Wyatt... :-) Favorite track: Feeling Good Tonight.
Freddie French-Pounce
Freddie French-Pounce thumbnail
Freddie French-Pounce A great album that never falters from start to finish, with catchy hooks and strong production to go with it! Contender for Best of 2013! Favorite track: If I Ever Wanted Easier.
Bill Pitzonka
Bill Pitzonka thumbnail
Bill Pitzonka Pretty freakin' cool! Power pop that remembers that melody is the major factor!
tomfall thumbnail
tomfall North On 65
Randall Hall
Randall Hall thumbnail
Randall Hall A very welcome next step in the sound that grabbed me on first listen of Second Saturday's discs. It's the harmonies, lyrics and melodies "all growed up."
Wondering 00:39
How was your summer? Was it all you hoped it would be? Now that it’s over, do you regret not seeing me? Or is this the way that it should be? I can’t stop this wondering
Summer 02:49
She came in with the season And without reason she stole his heart He had all of the answers They became dancers and played their parts He was caught in her headlights and spent most of his nights dreaming away She was scared to discover just how much he loved her as she felt the same But they were bending and breaking Giving and taking what wasn’t theirs And soon with no way to hide it They tried to fight it and end the affair And she said, “I just want you to know, the hardest part was letting go” Nothing left to say So they parted ways He was young and relentless, somewhat defenseless and eager to try She had no way of knowing where they were going so she said goodbye Time and love are conflicted and unpredicted but who can complain? Happiness and contentment are nothing but sentiment without heartache and pain Still the world will turn Still the fire burns 
Now, though she will fight it, when it gets quiet she still thinks of him On a clear night in summer, he often thinks of her and what might have been
Hey little girl Why are you crying now? Confide in me Did he hurt you somehow? It’s up to you To tell yourself the truth I don’t need to drop clues You know what to do I can’t believe You share your bed with him You need to leave And put this to an end You know it’s true He’s just no good for you He leaves you black and blue You know what to do Days go by You still believe things are gonna change, but how? You can make it on your own I thought that you would know by now I can’t stop worrying This happens every night There’s no use arguing He’ll never treat you right You’ve thought it through Now go find someone new Someone who loves you You know what to do
Mandolin 02:16
Mandolin Across the sea Saving all your love for me I’ll be gone but not for very long I’m sending you a song My Mandolin Mandolin Remember this You’re the one I truly miss Please don’t cry Our love will never die I’ll soon be by your side My Mandolin I’ll always be your guy Sure as the sun will rise You’ll see it in my eyes My Mandolin Mandolin Just relax In the end you know I’m always coming back And I know it feels less than ideal But the vow I make is real Mandolin I’m on my way And you’ll be in my arms today When I descend I’ll see your smile again I’ll be with my best friend My Mandolin
It turns out you were right I made it through the night Everything turned out alright I’ve gotta say there are no clouds in sight I’ve gotta say I’m feeling good tonight The future holds me close The thing I love the most The future that I was afraid of All these years I’ve been so scared to die I’ve gotta say I’m feeling good tonight And I’m not gonna cry about the things I just can’t do Just for you I’ve been given the chance to be whatever I wanna be And you have, too Yeah, you have, too I guess the truth is clear I’m having a good year My gut tells me to go the distance It’s not so far this time my bags are light I’ve gotta say I’m feeling good tonight
Stars and stripes and cigarettes Lost at sea with no regrets In between the moments we forget Walk with me through rain and snow Run into some friends we know Let our inhibitions fade away But anyway We can navigate the novel and profane The overwhelming love and loneliness I know by the daybreak all my mistakes flood my brain But I live for nights like this Blue and green and grey and gold Old to new and new to old In a constant state of happenstance And now we dance
Love is good Love is bad It makes you happy and it makes you sad Love is all we ever had Love will lead the way Love hurts It kills your pride Love makes you feel good inside If you trust what love confides Love will lead the way And when there’s nothing left for me to say
I know that we will be okay And as the night closes in and swallows the day Love will lead the way Love is lost and love is found Love will knock you to the ground You can feel it all around Love will lead the way Love can creep up on you fast Love will come and love will pass Love can take you from first to last Love will lead the way
Try to Be 02:35
Here I go Once again Buckle up let the show begin Flying where I did not intend So this could be the end Don’t look down Count to five Close my eyes and just take a dive Though I’m not sure if I will survive I’ve never felt so alive And I will try to be What you need me to be Yeah I will try to be What you need me to be Look for me In the sky Passing by at the speed of light I’ll return but not before tonight And I’ll set everything right
A wandering star has lost his way A rolling stone is led astray A dream begins to fade away As the night becomes the day The dimmest of memories shines so bright What seemed wrong can feel so right A weakened man can lose the fight As the day becomes the night This battle can’t be won Because you’ve never seen the sun Daily you struggle not to drown When you’re the biggest fish in town The royalty will lose the crown But the world will still turn ‘round You could be the one But you’ve never seen the sun The best is yet to come But you’ve never see the sun Goodnight Sleep tight
Right. Now. 03:12
I’ve been here before behind the dressing room door Comparing thumbs and purple hearts So much in love we were both victims of the circumstances Doomed from the start Start it over pull apart the thread Spread the memories out across your bed You say I never change I say you look the same Familiar smiles are exchanged My world is rearranged Tonight I’m going back in time We always felt so right Right. Now. Turtles in the snow, we had nowhere to go We had nowhere to be, we had no history But we had everything as winter turned to spring We watched the turn of the century from a trampoline What’s this all about? How did we live without? As all the questions fade the sun is coming out But without trust, love is fleeting I thought you were cheating It beat us both to death Until the final breath Why do good things end? Why couldn’t we be friends? Why do we keep playing if we never win?
North on 65 02:19
So here I am On the road Driving home And I’m crying She left me starving and alive So for this long drive I’ll try to survive Headed north on 65 She’s on my mind As I drive By the stars And the light of the moon Today came forever too soon And as I presumed My smile, it’s contrived Headed north on 65 If I try, I can almost feel you next to me Close my eyes and I’m right back where you are (Watch out for that car!) So for this long drive I’ll try to survive Headed north on 65
It’s been a while since it all began Now in denial as we round the bend So young and eager, we were renegades Resources meager and our dreams delayed We should give it the old college try
 I don’t wanna let the fire die I know I’m not the most reliable But what we have is undeniable I fooled around and shat my days away It’s not too late to take it all the way We should give it the old college try I don’t wanna let the fire die tonight Just remember how it used to be All the sparks and electricity Everyday was like a fantasy Way too good to be true Is it easier to just let go? Is it easier to just say no? If I ever wanted easier Then I wouldn’t be with you


released August 27, 2013

Words and music by Wyatt Funderburk (BMI)
Recorded and mixed at Nebulon II in Nashville
Drums recorded in Cincinnati with Ross “Big Bro” McAllister
Mastered by Justin Perkins
Art and Design by Tim Cook


all rights reserved



Wyatt Funderburk Nashville, Tennessee

Wyatt Funderburk is a Nashville musician, songwriter and producer. Since self-releasing his first record as a teenager in the 1990s, Funderburk has toured the US and abroad with his own bands and others’, while also working in his studio with some of the best rock and pop artists in the country. ... more

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