Love Will Lead the Way

by Wyatt Funderburk



released August 13, 2013


all rights reserved



Wyatt Funderburk Nashville, Tennessee

Wyatt Funderburk is a Nashville musician, songwriter and producer. Since self-releasing his first record as a teenager in the 1990s, Funderburk has toured the US and abroad with his own bands and others’, while also working in his studio with some of the best rock and pop artists in the country. ... more

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Track Name: Love Will Lead the Way
Love is good
Love is bad
It makes you happy and it makes you sad
Love is all we ever had
Love will lead the way

Love hurts
It kills your pride
Love makes you feel good inside
If you trust what love confides
Love will lead the way

And when there’s nothing left for me to say

I know that we will be okay
And as the night closes in and swallows the day
Love will lead the way

Love is lost and love is found
Love will knock you to the ground
You can feel it all around
Love will lead the way

Love can creep up on you fast
Love will come and love will pass
Love can take you from first to last
Love will lead the way
Track Name: The Reason
Well no one knows why things happen but they do
We'd like to think we have a say in them and say that we can change them
But time and time again I just get lost in total confusion

When I get nervous now I start to shake
And we were shaking through the dark all the way to your place
You say it's round the corner but you know that corner never comes

Well I don't know where I'm going
Yeah I don't know what to do
Well I don't know where I'm going, baby
But we're on the move

Is everything I say a stolen line?
Am I just acting out a part or a pawn in someone's game?
Is this really what I think?
Should I think about what this really is?

It's not the lack of conversation
It's the lack of fear and instant trust that makes me wanna run and hide
It makes me wanna know, gotta know, know what's going on

Yeah we're just strangers sharing a moment in time
It's something different
It's something new
Yeah there's a reason why I'm here with you

Now the sun it came crashing through the blinds
As I was lying in your bed with your pretty little head
Just resting on my shoulder
Yeah I watched as you dreamed away

I contemplated what you might say
When you opened up your eyes and looked back at me
Would you feel the way I do?
Would you feel anything at all?

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